UMP Library – Reading Month 2011

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Dear user,

Since July 2001, month of July has been declared as National Reading Month to meet demands of the goals of creating a Malaysian community that developed and rich in information. In conjunction with the Reading Month, a number of programs have been organized throughout the month such;

i. Tin mining technology exhibition in Sg. Lembing, Pahang (8th – 30th Sept 2011);
ii. Storytelling of tin mining history Sg. Lembing, Pahang (20th Sept 2011 : 10am – 12pm;
iii. Most frequent Library visitors;
iv. Selection of lucky visitors (5th – 27th Sept 2011);
v. Guess pages and the weight of the book (5th – 27th Sept 2011);
vi.Sahibba competition (19th – 23th Sept 2011);
vii.General book exhibition (28th – 30th Sept 2011);
viii. Most lenders books

and many more…

We would like to invite all our users to participate in all activities organize by Us! 😀

Thank you


New books in the Library

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Dear user,

For your information UMP Library has monthly updated listings of new arrival books for your reference. Want to know more about it? Just click on the link provided; 🙂

MARCH 2011

Below is a call number for your guide based on faculties:

FKM : please refer call number T, TA, TJ, TL, TS
FKEE : please refer call number T, TA, TK
FKASA : please refer call number T, TA, TD, TE, TG, TH
FKKSA : please refer call number T, TP
FIST : please refer call number T, Q, QA, QC, QD, QH, QP, QR
FSKKP : please refer call number T, TK, TR, QA
PBMSK : please refer call number BL, BP, DS, P, PC, PE, PJ,

Manufacturing : please refer call number T, TS

We hope that this info will help you to access various of library’s materials.

Thank You. 🙂

Information Skills Class – Online Database Usage

Dear users,

For your information, Library will organize Information Skills Class – Online Database Usage. In this class, the users will learn how to use the online databases that are available in the library. Below are the schedule for the classes;

Date: 16/2 – Sc. Direct & Scopus

18/2 – JCR

23/2 – ACS, ACM, WizFolio, ASCE

3/3 – Emerald

Time: 3 to 5 pm

Location: CAI Lab, Perpustakaan UMP

This class is free. Please give your name by memo or call us; Miss Rosfadilla 09-5493146 / Ms Nor Ashikin 09-5493148 or come to Reference Counter for registration. COme and join US!!…See you there 😀

Thank you.

E-Examination Paper

Do you know that UMP Lib has online Exam Paper?
We digitized all exam paper starting from Sem 1 session 04/05 as to make it easy to our user. You can view and download the Exam paper that you need.

How to use it? Its simple, just follow the step below;
a. Go to I-portal –
b. Click E-Exam
c. You need to enter Ez-Proxy login (username : and pass:
d. Choose E-Exam : you will open the E-Exam system
e. To use the system
i.On the drop bar Menu, choose your Faculty
ii. then the subject (it will automatically list the subject for the Faculty)
iii. and semester
iv. Lastly, click Search

Really hope the information help you. Any question? Just ask OK..Thanks 😀

Taylor & Francis Trial – Please Vote

Salam and Good Days,

We would like for you to try Taylor & Francis trial to help us choose which subject do you prefer by voting the poll below. Taylor & Franciss please click  (under trial).

Summarized regarding Taylor & Francis as below;

Taylor & Francis, founded in the City of London in 1798, is the oldest commercial journals publisher in the world, and one of the leading global academic publishers. We publish over 900 peer-reviewed research journals and around 1,800 new books each year: our backlist is in excess of 20,000 specialist titles. Taylor & Francis is part of the Academic Division of Informa plc.

Help US to choose. Please  VOTE  😀 :D. Thanks

UMP Institutional Repository (UMP IR)

Salam and Good days,

What is UMP IR?

The UMP Institutional Repository (UmpIR) provides access of full text of University publication such as journal article, conference paper, research paper, thesis and dissertations. For thesis and dissertations, UmpIR only present 24 pages as following the Library policies. UmpIR also contain many other various type of publication such as newspaper cutting, photo, news and many more.

The main objectives for having an institutional repository are:

  to create global visibility for an institution’s scholarly research;

  to collect content in a single location;

  to store and preserve other institutional digital assets, including unpublished or otherwise easily lost.

Currently, we already store 672 Thesis by UMP students and staffs in the UMP IR. As stated above, we only upload 24 pages as following Library policies. If you want more, please visit our Thesis Room (Level 1 , Library Gambang) OR Library, Pekan.    – Operational hour (office hour: 8.30a.m – 5.00pm).

Want to know more about it? Join our User education class… 😀

Thank you.

What is Ez-Proxy?

Salam and good days

Do you know what is Ez-proxy? Well lets us tell you about it

Ez-Proxy is a system that acts as an intermediary between UMP Library users and the Online Database subscribe by UMP. It only allows authorized users to access electronic resources available through I-portal from home or on the road. By using Ez-proxy, it allows staff and students to log in to databases remotely using their username and password. Once you have logged in Ez-Proxy, you will be able to access all databases without needed to enter any password.

How to use it?

Simple, just login by entering your username <either your staff id/student id> and password <your IC for local user / your passport number for international user>, for example;

Username: AE10223

Password : 901234113456

Currently, we have 14 (Online database), 10 (online journal), 5 (E-book), e-newspaper and E-article. The details for all databases will be explained later in next post.

Want to learn how to use and search all the databases? We are strongly recommended to you to register in our user education class where we will teach you all about it.

Thank you.