What is Ez-Proxy?

Salam and good days

Do you know what is Ez-proxy? Well lets us tell you about it

Ez-Proxy is a system that acts as an intermediary between UMP Library users and the Online Database subscribe by UMP. It only allows authorized users to access electronic resources available through I-portal from home or on the road. By using Ez-proxy, it allows staff and students to log in to databases remotely using their username and password. Once you have logged in Ez-Proxy, you will be able to access all databases without needed to enter any password.

How to use it?

Simple, just login by entering your username <either your staff id/student id> and password <your IC for local user / your passport number for international user>, for example;

Username: AE10223

Password : 901234113456

Currently, we have 14 (Online database), 10 (online journal), 5 (E-book), e-newspaper and E-article. The details for all databases will be explained later in next post.

Want to learn how to use and search all the databases? We are strongly recommended to you to register in our user education class where we will teach you all about it.

Thank you.


2 Responses

  1. Salam
    Dear Lib Admin. Thank u so much for ur nice informations to all UMPians. I am very glade to know that our lib has a big database system. While my searching for Journals, i only download very few papers. But i hope by using lib data base i will be able to get more n more journal papers and as well as books, which will help me allot in my research.

    I just wanna to know, how to join ur user education class??

    • Salam,

      First of all, thanks for visit our blog. Yes, you are most welcome to join our user education class.

      To join it, u can just call Miss Rosfadilla (5493146) OR just go to our reference counter (lev 1) . Our class will be on Wednesday & Friday (3.00 – 4.30 pm).You can always come in group! it limit for 40 users/class .


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