UMP Institutional Repository (UMP IR)

Salam and Good days,

What is UMP IR?

The UMP Institutional Repository (UmpIR) provides access of full text of University publication such as journal article, conference paper, research paper, thesis and dissertations. For thesis and dissertations, UmpIR only present 24 pages as following the Library policies. UmpIR also contain many other various type of publication such as newspaper cutting, photo, news and many more.

The main objectives for having an institutional repository are:

  to create global visibility for an institution’s scholarly research;

  to collect content in a single location;

  to store and preserve other institutional digital assets, including unpublished or otherwise easily lost.

Currently, we already store 672 Thesis by UMP students and staffs in the UMP IR. As stated above, we only upload 24 pages as following Library policies. If you want more, please visit our Thesis Room (Level 1 , Library Gambang) OR Library, Pekan.    – Operational hour (office hour: 8.30a.m – 5.00pm).

Want to know more about it? Join our User education class… 😀

Thank you.


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