How to REQUEST an On Loan Items

User can request an on loan item anytime through I-Portal. Be sure the status of the item in I-Portal is ‘check out’. The availability of your request item will be inform to you via email that you registered to us.

The items request will be kept on the shelve at (Circulation or Media Counter) for (7) day from the date of receipt of items borrowed by other users. Items will be returned to the open shelve after (7) days.

How to do it, just follow the STEP;

  • Go to the and login
  • Search the item needed
  • Check the status of the item ‘check out’
  • To request click button Request
  • Click submit

The request will be process, if;

  • The amount of loan have not reach the limit
  • You do not have outstanding fines for late return of items
  • Your record was block for certain offences

Any question, feels free to comment@ask


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